Natalie "Nattie" Mason

Scrappy young woman with a thirst for knowledge, regardless of how sanity-destroying.


Nattie Mason

Occupation: Parapsychologist
Age: 28
Nationality: American
Residence: Arkham, Mass.

Str: 13 Dex: 12 Int: 17 Idea: 85
Con: 11 App: 12 Pow: 11 Luck: 55
Siz: 14 San: 55 Edu: 15 Know: 75

Hit Points: 13 Magic Points: 11 Sanity Points: 55

School: Miskatonic University
Degree: BA Psychology
Yearly Salary: $4000/yr.
Savings: $800
Damage Bonus: +1d4


Accounting: 10
*Anthropology: 20
*Archaeology: 25
Astronomy: 0
Bargain: 5
Botany: 0
Camoflage: 25
Chemistry: 0
Climb: 50
Credit Rating: 15
Cthulhu Mythos: 0
Debate: 10
Diagnose Disease: 5
Dodge: 24
Drive Automobile: 20
Electrical Repair: 10
Fast Talk: 23
First Aid: 30
Geology; 0
Hide: 25
*History: 50
Jump: 25
Law: 5
Library Use: 61
Linguist: 0
Listen: 25
Make Maps: 10
Mechanical Repair: 25
Occult: 40
Operate Heavy Machine: 0
Oratory: 5
Pharmacy: 0
Photography: 10
Pick Pocket: 5
Pilot Aircraft: 0
Pistol: 25
*Psychoanalysis: 25
*Psychology: 21
Read/Write English: 75
Read/Write French: 25
Ride: 5
Sing: 5
Sneak: 25
Speak French: 15
Spot Hidden: 40
Swim: 25
Throw: 25
Track: 10
Treat Disease: 5
Treat Poison: 5
Zoology: 0

Pistol: To Hit – 25%



Nattie Mason was a precocious, bright child. Her mother was more lenient with Nattie than her father liked, but her mother was also the brains of the family (which Nattie inherited), so as often as not, Nattie’s mother simply outsmarted her husband to get her way.

School came easy for Nattie, although her intelligence sometimes caused her problems as she would show up the boys at times (both accidentally and on purpose). She had a tendency to annoy some of her teachers by constantly asking questions and pursuing additional knowledge. But she was lucky to have more than one teacher that was willing to overlook the fact that she was a girl and feed her hunger for knowledge.

Her life changed when she was in her teens. While returning home late from studying at the library, she witnessed a man run screaming from a tunnel that was down an embankment that ran alongside the road. As she was about to stop and offer help, she saw a large squid-like creature leave the tunnel long enough to wrap the hapless victim in its tentacles and drag it back into the tunnel. Nattie stood in stunned silence and wasn’t noticed, luckily. Once she came to her senses, she ran back home and didn’t leave her room for three days.

However, once the trauma passed, her inquisitive nature took over, and she had to know what she had seen. She began spending a lot of time in libraries and newspaper archives hoping to find anything that might hint at what the creature was. Slowly, she began to see hints of the Mythos and her future was set.

After graduation, she applied and was accepted to Miskatonic University. Her studies into parapyschology have revealed a whole other world to her and she finds herself driven to learn more, despite the horrific nature of what little she’s seen and read so far. That lack of self-control may be her undoing.

Natalie "Nattie" Mason

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