Going Down to Dunwich (CoC 3)

From the Journal of Nattie Mason - Day 1

Dr. Armitage invited Harvey, Jonathan and I back to the University for a meeting. I invited Mark along since he was in town and someone else invited Samuel Adams III to complete the group.

We were asked by Dr. Armitage to look into a man from Dunwich named Amos Whateley, who’s family is well known to Dr. Armitage due to another family member named Wilbur (deceased and a rumoured wizard) holding a beastly creature captive (no tentacles were mentioned) that Armitage dealt with. Amos was suing the university to get his family’s library back from them. Armitage was concerned that he was going to use the texts to do some kind of depraved activities. I have to see these books!

A quick trip to the private wing of the library after the meeting revealed some interesting tidbits about both current life in Dunwich (presumed lightning strike kills 5 policemen and a 12-year old girl disappears for 4 days before being found mute walking in a field apparently unharmed) and life in the distant past (ancient tribe ruled by black-robed priests that disappeared through a portal to live in their version of paradise when the white man came). So much to process in a short amount of time. I hope that doesn’t cause us trouble once we’re in Dunwich.

We departed the next morning for the small outlying village but stopped for the night at the town of Aylesbury. There, we talked to the local lawyer that represented Amos to try and get some information. This was mostly unsuccessful and he made some pointed threats. I did, however, catch him eyeing my exposed legs in typical man fashion.

Jonathan had better luck with the police, getting some very interesting stories about the police victims of the lightning strikes having sucker-shaped burns. The plot thickens!

We rented rooms at the local motel for the night and leave for Dunwich in the morning. It should be interesting!


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